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About Chip Janiszewski Enterprises

What we’re about. . .

Our Keynote Presentations include:

“The Networking Process”

“Happiness & Success in (your topic goes here): Connecting the Dots”…

A Word About Traditional Education and Training…

Education in schools is mostly learning “what” so you can pass a test and get to the next grade. Training in the professional world is mostly learning “how” to do a task or job so you and the business make more money.

Learning “what” and “how” are obviously important in obtaining material “success”, but unless one is also personally fulfilled (happy), is one truly successful? There are a lot of “miserable” millionaires in the world because their main goal is material wealth – no matter how much they have, it is never enough.

Happiness is a Pre-Requisite for Success…

The “Happiness and Success GPS” Education and Training Process:

  • Foundation: Positive, Entrepreneurial Mindset – Unconditional Giver – Purpose & Passion
  • Preparation: Ongoing Personal Development (working on YOU) – Personal Strategic Plan – Homework
  • Step by Step: “What” – “How To”