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Benchmark Presentation:

“The Networking Process: It’s MORE than Just a Meeting…”


New Members

Members who have achieved success through Networking will become YOUR BIGGEST ADVOCATES: they will SPREAD THE WORD about their positive experience with your Chamber or Organization which will help bring in new members.

It’s developing your OWN sales force by teaching members how to be successful…

Member Retention

Understanding why Members Don’t Renew – “The Networking Misconception”…

Most members join to increase their business by networking but they don’t realize that Networking is a PROCESS that requires TIME.

They expect to get business at networking meetings, which rarely happens, and when they don’t, they become disenchanted and stop attending events.So they don’t renew, saying they “didn’t get anything out of their membership”

Happy members renew!

Presentation Highlights:


Networking is a “Process of Developing Win-Win Relationships” (not just monthly meetings where you go to get business)

Step by Step Roadmap to Networking Success

Preparation (identifying networking goals and opportunities)

What to do at networking meetings

What to do after networking meetings (maintaining ongoing Win-Win Relationships)

Testimonial from a West Hartford Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

Dated July 31, 2014

West Hartford Chamber of Commerce Newletter Excerpt
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