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Why You Should Hire A Business Coach

Athletes have coaches. Actors have coaches. Having a coach helps them achieve their peak performance. Every great team has a coach. Think of the best NFL and NBA teams, which all have coaches. A coach is someone who’s not afraid to confront you and tell you when you’re doing something incorrectly. They have a proven […] Appeared first on The Modern Observer Group.

 How To Stop Caring About What Others Think

We are hard-wired to want validation from others. Scientists found that babies’ emotions are often drawn from the emotions of those around them. As we get older, relying on others for validation can be toxic and limiting. Doing what you know to be right, regardless of what other’s think, is a liberating experience. Here are some […] Appeared first on The Modern Observer Group.

How To Achieve More By Doing Less

There are more demands on our time than ever before. Being constantly connected means even when we’re not working, we are working, blurring the lines of work and home. Sometimes we need an extra hour (or more). Instead of trying to cram more into your already crowded schedule, here are some tips for getting more […] Appeared first on The Modern Observer Group.

Are You Setting Too Many Goals?

Setting too many goals, like setting unrealistic goals, or setting really broad goals can prevent us from actually accomplishing them. This doesn’t mean don’t set big goals, it just means you need to choose your goals properly. Before setting a goal, ask yourself some questions. Why you are setting it. Is it something you really […] Appeared first on The Modern Observer Group.

Practice Saying No to Requests for Your Time

Most people have far more work than they can possibly get to. That’s why it’s so important to say no to things that aren’t a great use of your time. But turning people down can be uncomfortable. To get better at it, practice saying no politely and gracefully. If a colleague asks you to do […] Appeared first on The Modern Observer Group.

Focus On Value

What customers really want from your organization is help solving their problem. They want to hear what other customers were able to achieve by using your solution. They want to understand the value and benefits your products/services promise to deliver. This can get a little tricky, as value is defined differently by everyone. Only 16% of C-level customers chose a […] Appeared first on The Modern Observer Group.

 Define Your Success

Everybody says they want to succeed. Whether it is their home life, their job, or their business, people want to be successful. Most of them never feel that are successful for one simple reason. They have not defined what success is. Success means different things to different people. For some it can mean running their […] Appeared first on The Modern Observer Group.

Keep Your Positive Attitude

Life’s obstacles are limitless, however we can limit our stress levels by maintaining a positive attitude. Everyone encounters new challenges every day. Reacting with a positive attitude is the only way to minimize negative impacts and maximize joy. Dale Carnegie said, “It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or […] Appeared first on The Modern Observer Group.

To Engage Your Employees, Show Them Respect

Showing respect enhances a leader’s influence and performance – and a worldwide study found that it’s the leadership behavior with the biggest effect on employee engagement. Yet many leaders struggle to show respect to their employees.  To become a more respectful leader, try these tips:  Ask for help. Collect feedback from trusted friends and colleagues about […] Appeared first on The Modern Observer Group.

You Are More Than Your Job

Your job is just that — a job. Maybe you’re a “senior analyst” at work, but in life you’re much more than that. Your worth as a person is not tied to your position on the org chart. So when someone criticizes a report you wrote or a presentation you gave, remind yourself that they’re […] Appeared first on The Modern Observer Group.