Customized Personal Development Presentations & Workshops for

Educators and Students

We are all born as Care Free Children… We’re born SUPERHEROES – we can do ANYTHING…
We grow up with “no’s”, “you’re not meant to do that”, judgment and criticism, surrounded by NEGATIVE MEDIA…
The result is being SUBCONSCIOUSLY programmed into a day to day life ROUTINE I call SAMEVILLE…

GOOD NEWS: We all have a CHOICE to LEAVE SAMEVILLE and TAKE CONTROL of our lives!

It’s never too EARLY or too LATE to work on one’s self. What are your dreams? What do you like to do? What are your best qualities and accomplishments? Why not put them in WRITING and start working on yourself… Go to a mirror and SMILE – there is an AWESOME PERSON smiling back – YOU!

Chip’s mission is to make students AWARE that they do have a choice – that they do have total control over their lives – and that by putting their dreams, talents, and desires into action, they will be on the road to happiness and success.

He welcomes the opportunity to present the message, followed by how to develop a personal strategic plan for happiness and success, to educational institutions:

  • Elementary & Middle Schools
  • Private Schools, High Schools,
  • PTO’s and PTA’s
  • Specialty Schools
  • Colleges

Step #1 is to collaboratively brainstorm the best approach for your students.

Chip welcomes the opportunity to do so. Contact Chip today at 860-673-4006 for a FREE CONSULTATION – he’d love to meet with you.

Chip Janiszewski can help you and your students