Rick Forgay

Ricj Forgay – Power NetWORTHING Experience

Thanks to the 30 plus area Business Professionals who attended the “Power NetWORTHING Experience” Personal and Professional Development Event at Copper Beech Institute last Thursday, April 16. It was an Unqualified Success!!

The event was led off by a short presentation and Meditation facilitated by Copper Beech’s Miranda Chapman. Chip the presented on CHOOSING to develop a POSITIVE MINDSET as THE Foundation for a happy life and successful career and gave some tips on how to develop and maintain it. Rick Forgay then presented on communication and relationship building skills and introduced his BLM “RAP Experience” to attendees and coached them through a series of sessions where they were able to “RAP” one on one with other attendees.

Feedback was very positive. More events are being planned soon so check back often…